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Stichting Tibet House Holland

ABN AMRO bank account number 500924929 The Netherlands

IBAN is: NL66ABNA0500924929


Tibet House Holland foundation, brought to light thanks to an initiative of the Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu and to the work and dedication of many aims to:

  • raise awareness for the preservation and development of the Tibetan culture and identity
  • contribute to the development of Tibetan contemporary art
  • establish a cooperation with Tibetan contemporary artists living in Tibet
  • promote cooperation among several artists inspired by the Tibetan culture
  • organize exhibitions of Tibetan artists, possibly in combination with artists inspired by Tibet and coming from other countries
  • organize Tibetan cultural and/or Tibetan Buddhist events
  • organize, develop and carry out educational programs like Tibetan painting lessons, and workshops, both for artists and non artists, lectures on Tibetan art and Tibetan culture
  • organize Tibetan language courses for Tibetans and non Tibetans
  • organanize lectures and teachings on Tibetan Buddhism

and all this to send a powerful message of peace and goodwill into the world

A rich cultural heritage forms the base of the work of Tibetan artists today, inside and outside Tibet. Contemporary Tibetan artists are searching for a way that could lead them from the ancient Tibetan Buddhist metaphors to a form of free art able to challenge today’s world. On their way these artists do not let go of their roots; not even when they leave the rooftop of the world for India or the West. The rich, mystical atmosphere reflected in their worksprings from a stream of old traditions and sometimes harsh circumstances.

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