Dear Friends,

I wish you all very good health and good spirit for this new year. I would like to welcome you also to visit us in Amsterdam, we have a great space there.. I want to invite people who are interested in our Tibetan Painting and Language courses are very welcome..
Every month we also have a Tibetan lama visiting over to teach here in Temple Amsterdam.. Please keep us in touch..

Many greetings from Little Tibet in Amsterdam,

Tashi Norbu

The Tibetan Art of Painting

Date : every Tuesday (6 January - 7 April 2009)
Time : 14.0016.00 or 20.0022.00
Workshop : The Tibetan Art of Painting by Tibetan Painter Tashi Norbu
Price: 180,00 at once or three months x 65,00
Location : Temple, Prins Henddrikkade 20 - 21, Amsterdam (Oibibio)
Contact : Phone +31 643... E-mail:

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Tashi Norbu will give a three months course in traditional Tanghka painting. The course will take place every Tuesday. In the first part of the course you will learn how to draw and paint Buddha's face according to geometric measurements. In the second part you will concentrate on painting the Tibetan Goddess Green Tara and in the last part you will learn how to paint the Green Tara Mandala.

Tibetan Language for Beginners

Date : every Wednesday, 7 January 25 March 2009
(except 25 February, Tibetan New Year - Losar)
Time : Afternoon lessons: 12 lessons of 3 hours (14:00 17:00hrs)
Evening lessons: 12 lessons of 2 hours (19:30 21:30hrs)
Language Course : Tibetan Language for Beginners by Tibetan teachers, Tenzin Norbu and Kalsang Norbu (Tibet Art Movement volunteers)
Price: 300 for 12 afternoon lessons 250 for 12 evening lessons
Location : Temple, Prins Henddrikkade 20 - 21, Amsterdam (Oibibio)
Contact : Phone +31 643... E-mail:

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Tibetan language is the most important language spoken in Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan. This language is significantly tied to Buddhist teaching and cultures of many Himalayan countries. When you want to get access to the primary Buddhist texts yourself, or when you want to discuss any issue on Tibetan teaching with high Tibetan lamas without interrupted by interpreter, or if you want to visit any Himalayan country for your interest, then it is the Tibetan language that makes it possible and every thing easier. To provide you with an opportunity to make yourself a Tibetan speaker, we are organizing a Tibetan language course in Amsterdam. This language course is also aimed for those Tibetan fellows and their children, who had no opportunity to learn their own language in their homeland.

Tibetan Goddess Green Tara Ritual

Date : every Tuesday
Time : 19.00 - 19.30
Ritual : Tibetan Goddess Green Tara Ritual (free meditation)
Location : Temple, Prins Henddrikkade 20 - 21, Amsterdam

Every Tuesday you are free to join a Tibetan Monastic Green Tara Ritual by Tibetan lay practitioner (monk) Onju assisted by Mariska Linnenbank. ( Green Tara is a female compassionate Buddha who helps us in realize the very nature of ourselves. The feminine energy of Tara is necessary for both men and women to bring about a positive change in the mind and heart and become aware of the divine presence that lies within us.