One Day workshop of LoJong -
Buddhist Mind training door Meditatiemeester Rinzin Dorjee

10.00 - 17.00
(Introduction price 35,00)
(Including Tibetan lunch 45,00)
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RinzinMeditation master Rinzin was born in Bhutan. His grandfather was a direct descendent of TERTON Pema Lingpa, who was a great yogi and predicted treasure revealer of a Nyingmapa Lineage.

He moved to Dharamsala in the year 1984 and stayed under the spiritual guidance of Achok Rinpoche, who is among the highest gelukpa lama in Amdo (N.E) province of Tibet.

For the last many years, he has been travelling to many places in Europe and North America to give workshops and lecture on Meditation, Mind training and many other practices to create spiritual health and awareness among the people. He is known among people for his humour, kindness and clarity with which he makes the profound teaching of Buddha accessible to the western people.

One Day workshop of LoJong - Buddhist Mind training.

Who am I? Where do I come from? And where am I going? Aren't these questions a worth to pay some attention? Great master, saints and yogis of the past have all tried to answer this but still this question remain as important and relevant now as it was at that time.

Our sufferings are the direct result of our own ignorance where we are not able to understand this self and its real nature. We have identified this beautiful self with the various expressions of it. A sweet melodious talk or an instant outburst of anger both are the different expressions of this same self getting in contact with different conditions.

We should be able to hold the anger, hatred and jealousy like a mother is holding a baby with love and compassion and without any sorts of rejection. If we are able to do it like that then these various negative expressions will dissolve back into this infinite self and then these will create ways for more positive thoughts and expression.

So, the ancient Buddhist teaching has a specific way of dealing with various expressions through a certain way of mental training that was developed in Tibet during few hundred years ago by various masters.

It teaches us the nature of Mind, how it works and the ways of generating positive thoughts in order to train the Mind.

Here the Mind training will be incorporated with various breathing techniques and meditation from Buddhist vajrayana tradition.

Adres; Temple, Prins Hendrikkade 20-21 (tegenover het centraal Station Amsterdam)
info / reserveringen via Tashi; 06 431 19 269