Meditation master Rinzin was born in Bhutan. His grandfather was a direct descendent of TERTON Pema Lingpa, who was a great yogi and predicted treasure revealer of a Nyingmapa Lineage.
He moved to Dharamsala in the year 1984 and stayed under the spiritual guidance of Achok Rinpoche, who is among the highest gelukpa lama in Amdo (N.E) province of Tibet.

For the last many years, he has been travelling to many places in Europe and North America to give workshops and lecture on Meditation, Mind training and many other practices to create spiritual health and awareness among the people. He is known among people for his humour, kindness and clarity with which he makes the profound teaching of Buddha accessible to the western people.

Friday 19 December 19.00 - 21.00 ( 15,00)

The five smiles of Buddha for  happiness:
We live in a world of total distraction where out attentions are constantly being challenged by the colorful scenery of the world. We try hard to remain calm and centered in our happiness and well being but most of the time we fall back to our emotions and pains.
The five smile of Buddha is just five different attitudes one can maintain in life that can generate in us a great relieve and new perspectives about life by bringing calmness and stability in our life. Everybody can taste the joy and profound peace of Buddha by understanding the five smiles.

Saterday 20 December 10.00 - 17.00

45,00 including simple lunch and drinks

Buddhist Dream Yoga
Dream is as real as the waking life to a dreamer, who is constantly experiencing the various information and images coming out of his or her consciousness. A great deal of power and potential lies deep within us that has been unused.

In Buddhist teachings Life is often compared to a dream and our reality as an illusion. It says that the waking time is actually the bigger dream and our night time dream as a small dream. It might seem confusing and mysterious in the beginning but the ancient old Buddhist teaching provides us the way through various visualization, breathing and mantra recitation to awaken the deep human potential to understand the nature of life and how one can overcome the various emotions to see the life in a different way. 

In order to do that first, we will start by calming the mind and invoking is us the Arya Tara, the female compassionate Buddha to help us in realizing the very nature of ourself. The feminine energy of Tara is required for both man and woman to bring about a positive change in the mind and heart in order to become aware of the divine presence that lies within us.
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